Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reverb writing #29 - Momentary list of definitions

December 29 – Defining Moment
Describe a defining moment or series of events that has affected your life this year. (Author: Kathryn Fitzmaurice)

My first reaction was that I've already written about a lot of these moments, but it occurs to me that there have been others:
• It took me effectively 8 months to find work after being laid off. Humbling, but it also brough out a fighter and tenacity that I wasn't sure was in me.
• I've turned 40. A milestone, but little more than a number.
• My oldest got braces on her teeth. Orthodontia. For some reason, her getting her ears pierced didn't faze me. Getting contacts? The girl's gotta see. Her growing taller didn't bother me. Her being out of elementary school and into middle school - it happens. But braces? She suddenly became a woman. Perhaps that's my inner 13-year-old talking, but getting braces…that means you're grown up. And I'm a 40-year-old dad of a girl with braces.
• My youngest turned 10. Officially out of the single digits.
• I finished my core classes for my Master's degree. I have a final paper to write that's due essentially in February. I'm panicking. I'm glad that Reverb10 will be over in 3 days, I won't have any time to work on it. I shouldn't be spending time now.

I suppose that's about it. Most other things have continued apace. ;)

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