Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tapes in the dustbin

I've thrown out a lot of old videotapes recently. I'd want to sell them, but nobody's buying.

One of the tapes contained the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony of the Police, and then a Behind the Music. I *almost* kept that one, but after thinking for a second, threw it out, knowing that I could find it all online probably.

I used to collect all sorts of stuff on videotape, mainly music. Old video shows, concert footage, etc. My wife had every episode of Friends on VHS tape. She threw those out a few weeks ago. Today I found some tapes with more episodes on them, and Oprah interviewing the cast at the end of the series, and just pitched the tape without a second thought. What's to keep?

I can't recall if I've written about the mental benefits of getting rid of stuff that's just lying around collecting dust, but it's nice just being rid of it. Those physical things take up mental space for me, and for most people, I think. I just know in my brain that there is a thing there that I need to keep track of. I brought our old TV inside today and watched bits of these tapes. I maybe kept one. Maybe not.

It's fun to watch old stuff, but I know I can find all of it online, now. If I want to find it. Which is part of the interesting thing to look at for me, is how I used to hoard all this stuff. I used to think it had some utility, or would be useful. I now see it as…stuff. If I really need to find the video, I'll look online. I don't use videotape anymore, so why keep them? Online doesn't have any context, like VJ banter, or commercials (those were fun to watch in themselves), but what context did people use to have, other than that very moment.

Photos and film and video and online storage, they capture the past for us to view again and again.

What's wrong with right now?

Friday, August 27, 2010


Sorry I've been off my words for a while. I have a couple of posts I'm working out in my head, and will hopefully work on them soon.

In the meantime, I'm loving life. Why not, right?
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