Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hello Again World!

Hello again world!

I'm hoping to embark on a writing career of my own making. But I'm getting far, far ahead of myself.

I've been reading a lot of information that's pumping me up to get started and I think I'm realizing that before I get too far down the writing rabbit hole, because I intend to do this for income, I need to get some things in place as far as setting up a business to protect my assets. The problem is, I don't know where to begin.

I think I'll call the lady who does my taxes and ask her for some tips. I'll check the government pages for starting a small business and see what needs to be done in my home state.

And I'll keep reading. And writing. And I'll write about the process here, and hope that it might help others who are in a similar position.

I have one blog up and running right now, but it could be better designed, and I'm starting to write more. I have a couple of other ideas for blogs, things that my family and I are very passionate about. I think these three cover our passions well, and I have big plans. I always have big plans. But I've got solid ideas, I think, and I think we can make this happen. Lots of hard work is in store, but I'm so fucking excited to get going. It's all I can think about. I know that there's a bit of crazy obsessive thinking going on right now, but I've been going in waves - ideas, optimism, planning, then back to all of the "reality" stuff like health insurance for my family, taxes, tools I'll need to do my work efficiently & effectively.

But I'm committed to making this work. Hopefully by this time next year, actually. Wish us luck. :)

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